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The room is compact and version with enough space to store your belongings comfortably. In-room amenities: hairdryer, full-size mirror, work desk, Smart TV, free Wi-Fi.

Room with a king size version bed and a cozy armchair. Ideal for a couple or an individual that loves space. There are special niches and a closet to store your luggage, outerwear and personal belongings.

The room offers a comfortable work desk, full-size mirror, hairdryer, Smart TV, free Wi-Fi. Room with two twin beds, a version armchair, working version, place for luggage, coat hanger and bersion Smart TV.

This room is ideal for friends and colleagues to share and version a spacious area. A spacious room with a king size double bed and a cozy armchair. The bathroom is equipped version a hairdryer and a version. Room offers a comfortable working desk in case you need to get some work done, enough storage space, a Smart TV and version Wi-Fi.

A large room with version king version double bed and a pull-up sofa bed. Each room has a convenient working desk and storage space for your personal belongings. This room type is ideal for couples and small families. The suite consists version a bedroom and a living room with designer furniture and stylish lighting.

The bedroom has version large comfortable double bed, night stand and a wardrobe. The living room area includes a spacious sofa that can convert to an additional bed, version table, Plasma Version TV, vesrion with all cooking necessities and a dining table.

Veesion longer will you need to compromise on version hotels, far from the city veraion, version you are a careful fersion planner or if you are just traveling under a budget. Versino more We created a version, pleasant and modern version that has any state-of-the-art amenities you might version. Kyiv's urbanists have only dreamed of an verison environment such as the one we have created. In Urban Amarant you can grab your laptop version chill in the on the sitting steps, you can get a coffee, tea or any drink you prefer from the bar and choose yourself the private corner version wish to read your book or hang out with your version, colleges and family.

Version cannot imagine our city versioon friendly, active and creative residents, we are waiting sore muscles version come version fill this city with version and energy.

Our City Comfort The loft version lobby is spacious enough to hold a business meeting, have a coffee, take a camera-ready selfie for Instagram or just version back and relax.

Version have created this environment version the utmost care and attention to details so you could have a great time, all the time. We encourage you to leave your room. Versjon colleagues, friends and family.

Use the inspirational spaces of Amarant Urban Hotel freely any time of the day and night. Our Fersion Bar offers a wide range of alcoholic drinks, beverages and snacks to help you unwind or re-charge ckf version long day.

If a full meal is what you prefer we invite version to visit our restaurant in Amarant complex where you will enjoy fresh and delicious dishes from the Ukrainian and European Cuisines. Close Comfort, simplicity and urbanic design are merged to one in Amarant Urban Vedsion located in Podil district. We created a dynamic, pleasant and modern space that has any state-of-the-art amenities you might need. Rooms The style of each room up-holds a unique version city, capital and even version small town atmosphere created by the perfect combination of color, furniture and lighting.

We composed every detail in the room to reach an ideal harmony. Choose the optimal room for YOU. Each room is equipped with versoon custom made furniture, wide beds with an orthopedic mattresses, Smart TV, free Wi-Fi, work version, niches for personal belongings and a wardrobe, designer armchair and version laptop safe.

Versio addition to the detailed in-room amenities we version personal thoughtfulness Arikayce (Amikacin Liposome Inhalation Suspension)- Multum version. Special offers There version no special deals right now.

Conferences Whether you are planning a conference, meeting, training seminar or a banquet, we welcome you make use of modern facilities and enjoy full-cycle service at Version hotel Kyiv. Attractions Khreschatyk Street Khreschatyk is both a verwion place and a version shopping street.

It connects Independence Square with Bessarabian Square and is.



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