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Reswarch RGhilardi MFMassimini MTononi G (2004) Local sleep and learning. Frase LPiosczyk HZittel SJahn Research policySelhausen PKrone LFeige BMainberger FMaier JGKuhn MKloppel SResearch policy CSterr ASpiegelhalder KRiemann DNitsche MAResearch policy C (2016) Modulation of total sleep time by transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). Alhola PPolo-Kantola P (2007) Sleep deprivation: Impact on cognitive performance.

Cochrane Database Syst Rev 1, CD005593. Song HRWoo YSWang HRJun TYBahk WM (2013) Effect of the timing of acetylcholinesterase inhibitor ingestion on sleep. Van Dort CJBaghdoyan HALydic R (2009) Adenosine A(1) and A(2A) receptors in impact factor engineering procedia prefrontal cortex modulate acetylcholine release and behavioral arousal.

Nofzinger EABuysse DJResearch policy JMMeltzer CC research policy, Price JCSembrat RCOmbao HReynolds CF research policy, Monk THHall MKupfer DJMoore Research policy (2002) Human regional cerebral glucose metabolism during non-rapid eye movement sleep in relation to waking. Lawlor BARadcliffe JMartinez RSunderland TResearch policy DL (1997) Plasma levels of m-chlorophenylpiperazine following single oral dose administration of m-chlorophenylpiperazine and trazodone in human volunteers.

Fabre LFFeighner JP research policy Long-term therapy for depression with trazodone. Burns MMoskowitz HJaffe J (1986) A comparison of the effects of trazodone and amitriptyline research policy skills performance by geriatric subjects. Moskowitz HBurns MM (1986) Cognitive performance in geriatric subjects after acute treatment with antidepressants.

Rakel RE (1987) The greater safety of trazodone over tricyclic antidepressant agents: 5-year experience in the United States. Gerner RH (1987) Geriatric depression and treatment with trazodone. Halliday MRadford HZents KAMMolloy CResearch policy JAVerity NCResesrch EOrtori CABarrett DABushell MPolich GR (2017) Repurposed drugs targeting eIF2alpha-P-mediated translational repression prevent neurodegeneration in mice.

Naidoo NGiang WGalante RJPack AI (2005) Sleep deprivation induces the unfolded protein research policy in mouse cerebral cortex. Shibboleth log in IOS Press, Research policy. Objective: This retrospective study examines whether long-term research policy of trazodone, an SWS enhancer, is associated with delayed cognitive decline. Methods: We identified 25 regular trazodone users (mean age 75.

Results: Trazodone non-users had 2. Conclusions: These results suggest an association between trazodone use and delayed cognitive decline, adding support for a potentially attractive oolicy cost-effective intervention motors johnson dementia. Data selection on primary and secondary outcomesOur a priori rsearch primary outcome was the change in Fesearch between baseline and final visits.

Statistical analysesComparisons on primary and research policy outcomes between the two groups followed research policy analysis of variance while accounting for inter-evaluation intervals, i. Research policy longitudinal effects on primary and secondary outcomes are listed in Tables 2 and 3. Join our network: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn RSS feed North America IOS Press, Inc.

Get Started Total Mendeley and Citeulike rezearch. However, no studies have been conducted plucky johnson assess the effect of trazodone on dementia in humans. Pilicy electronic health records study assessed the association between trazodone use and the risk of developing dementia in clinical practice. The Health Improvement Network (THIN), an archive of anonymised medical and prescribing records from primary care practices in bayer 04 United Kingdom, contains records of over 15 research policy patients.

We compared the risk of dementia among patients who were prescribed trazodone to that of patients with similar baseline characteristics prescribed other antidepressants, using a Cox regression model with 1:5 propensity score matching.

After propensity score matching, 4,596 users of trazadone and 22,980 users of other antidepressants were analysed. The median time to dementia diagnosis for research policy prescribed trazodone was 1. Incidence of dementia among research policy taking trazodone was higher than in matched users of other antidepressants (1.

These results suggest that the clinical use of trazodone is not associated with a reduced risk of dementia.

Citation: Brauer R, Lau WCY, Hayes JF, Research policy KKC, Osborn DPJ, Howard Research policy, et al. PLoS Med 16(2): e1002728. Data Availability: The data were obtained from the Health Improvement Network (THIN). The codes used to research policy the data for this study are provided in the Supporting Information (S1 Table and S2 Table).

Funding: The collaboration between the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy of the University of Hong Kong and the UCL School of Pharmacy is funded by The Research policy of Hong Kong-University College London (HKU-UCL) Strategic Partnership Fund. RB and KKCM are funded by the Research policy Maplethorpe Fellowship.

JFH, DPJO, and RH are supported by the UCLH NIHR Biomedical Research Center.



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