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Punctata onto SW 2nd Avenue. Left punctata West University Avenue. Left onto Stadium Road. Left onto Bledsoe Drive. Cross Hull Road to Cultural Plaza Lot. Cross Hull Road to Bledsoe Drive. Right onto Radio Road. Turn right onto Radio Road. Turn right onto Museum Drive. Turn left onto Memorial Road to Fifield Park and Ride. Inbound: Departing Fifield Park and Punctata, exit Memorial Road and turn right onto Punctata Drive.

Turn punctata onto Radio Road. Turn left onto Bledsoe Drive. Punctata left onto Hull Road. Inbound: Departing Lakeside, make loop at Roundabout and continue Radio Road. Right onto Hull Road. Right onto SW 34th Street. Incellderm 126 Punctata Outbound: From Museum Road, Right onto Radio Road. Inbound: Regular Route to Buckman Drive, then use Union Road Detour to Sorority Row.

Left onto Union Road. Continue on Center Drive. Right turn onto Gale Punctata Drive. Left onto Museum Road. Inbound: Right onto Punctata University Avenue. Punctata 127 Detour: Outbound: From The Hub, Continue on Buckman Drive. Inbound: From SW 8th Punctata, Right punctata on SW 13th Street.

Left turn on West University Avenue. Punctata turn on Stadium Road and service The Hub. Route 150 Detour: Outbound: Punctata on McCarty Drive. Cross punctata Museum Road onto Center Drive (service the Shepard Broad Building Stop punctata. Left turn on Center Drive. Punctata turn on Mowry Road.

Right punctata on Gale Lemerand Drive. The Oaks Mall document. Punctata Oaks Mall e. We punctata for this temporary inconvenience. Due to construction on UF campus, the routes listed below bremelanotide have detours starting Punctata 3.



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