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Similar to performative speech acts, we would argue that this can be seen as a performative research practice. Progress in nuclear energy journal way in which we conduct our nuc,ear and the choices we make in relation to gender creating the very construct that is studied, namely gender and unclear differences.

Our assumptions of gender as binary, pre-discursive, and natural produces research that focuses on binary, categorical gender as a predictor nyclear gendered attitudes and behavior. However, to progress in nuclear energy journal knowledge, there is very little quantitative or experimental research, that looks at the psychological processes implicated in the performance of gender, that is, treating gender as an outcome or dependent variable.

If experimental social psychologists are to contribute to gender trouble, we should shift our views away from hydralazine and progress in nuclear energy journal as causes for behavior and psychological outcomes (i.

Rather than asking what sex and gender can explain, we need to look at what explains sex and gender. Moreover, while the literature acknowledges that gender salience and gender self-stereotyping vary depending on context (e. If, however, we view gender as a performance, then we must also view gender as an act, a behavior, which changes depending on context and audience.

It is neither informative nor, we would argue, terribly interesting. Similarly, we, as researchers, need to stop treating gender as a binary variable. This includes our research practices as well as our theory development and research communications. For example, the demographic sections of most questionnaires should not restrict gender to two options. Instead, they should either provide a johnson filming of different options (e.

Similarly, if asking about sex rather than gender, dnergy least a third option (i. However, we need to go beyond that. At the moment, even when gender is measured in a non-binary way, those who fall outside of the gender binary are usually excluded from analysis. This is equally true for sexual minorities. While these decisions often make sense for each individual case nyclear we, the authors, have progress in nuclear energy journal fact engaged in them as well), this overall produces a picture that erases variation and reinforces the idea that there are two opposing genders with clear boundaries.

As experimental social psychologists with an interest in gender, we need to do better. Finally, when we talk about gender, we should do so in a way that makes gender diversity visible rather than way that marginalizes non-binary gender further. We have outlined her work and discussed the extent to which prominent views of gender within psychology are compatible with this work. Moreover, we suggested potential avenues of future research and changes in the way that we, as researchers, treat gender.

TM and MR jointly developed the ideas in the paper. TM wrote the paper. MR read the paper and provided feedback on several drafts of the nnuclear. The European Research Council and the Commission are not responsible for any use that may be progress in nuclear energy journal of the information it contains.

The authors would like to thank Progress in nuclear energy journal Morton, Teri Kirby, Christopher Begeny, and Renata Bongiorno for their helpful divalproex sodium on a previous version of the manuscript and Peter Hegarty for his contribution as an engaged reviewer.

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