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The information presented on this site is not intended to replace the counsel of your physician. Thirty percent of women ages 40-50 have new impact factors 2020 overactive bladder: more bathroom breaks during the day, urgent trips waking you up at night.

New impact factors 2020 Parker Jones, there are a few reasons for an overactive bladder, but this is normal. Find out what could be causing your frequent trips to the bathroom and how to reduce your need to go. That's coming up next on The Scope. Today, we're talking with Dr. She's the expert on all things woman.

Jones, the scenario is you're new impact factors 2020, 50, you're getting up there in the numbers and for whatever reason, you're just starting to pee more. Inpact starting to wake up more in the night, you're starting to take f i v little more breaks during the day. Jones: Is she normal. Welcome to the overactive bladder club. Welcome to the potty club. It turns out that urgency, meaning a bladder that contracts before it's really, really full is quite common.

And the range in faftors go from five percent to 30 percent new impact factors 2020 women by midlife have what they consider an overactive bladder and sometimes even leak a little. Jones: So let's talk about medical or structural problems that might lead to this. We're not talking about stress incontinence, meaning you got to go when you cough or sneeze. This means you're just kind of walking around and then you got to go and then you just went and then it's an hour or two later and you've got to go and it's just going.

First of all, the most common that causes urgency, meaning I've got to go is a urinary tract infection. But if this has happened over a long period of time, that's std symptoms going to be it.

2002 UTI, a urinary tract infection, is actually an acute event. Jones: It usually hurts. Now, there are women who have fibroids or something in their pelvis that's growing that's leaning on their bladder. So just as when a woman's pregnant and the baby's head is leaning on the bladder psychology forensic they have to go all the time, if you have a big fibroid new impact factors 2020 your bladder or another pelvic mass, that can be a benign mass and it could have been growing slowly over years and you just know that you can't hold as much.

So those are some reasons. There are people new impact factors 2020 neurologic problems, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions that can make kind of an overactive bladder and that's what you see on the TV, it's called overactive bladder.

The most common reason is we don't know. So I call it idiot-pathic, instead of idiopathic, meaning it's unknown, I call it idiot-pathic.

And it has to do with an aging brain. And that is the kind factos ability to calm your bladder that new impact factors 2020 had to learn at two so that you could be continent and not pee in your pants all the time.

As you get older, you lose some of that so your brain can say, "Oh, I think I want to pee and I want to pee now. Factosr just went two hours 200 and I haven't had anything to drink. So we have new impact factors 2020 here at the University of Utah in mindfulness training specifically to help women with glaxosmithkline novartis bladder.

As I said, it's common. Five factlrs 30 percent of women io psychologist of this. So they have to get up once or twice at night. Now, new impact factors 2020 important reason before I get back to the overactive bladder is I see women walking around in their yoga pants with their water bottle. And they have water bottle with them everywhere because it's part of their drinking, drinking, drinking so that certainly can be part of it in women who are trying to watch their weight know that drinking water is good, and then they're drinking buckets of water and they have to go.

And those women, when you ask them are when they keep a diary, actually will let you know if you have them pee in a little thing we called the hat that sits in the potty kidney transplant you can measure it.



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