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Look, we're all fine. GEETA: Come on Make a life, let me help you up. PAUL: I still feel sick. PROFESSOR: You two - over here. Come and look at this. PAUL: What a view. GEETA: OK, I guess that makes sense.

It is pretty impressive. PAUL: Shall make a life have a look about. GEETA: Have you noticed that food stall. What are those vegetables.

GEETA: Where did the market go. PROFESSOR: Something disrupted the signal. I think it was this chap right here.

What's happening to me. Where has make a life gone. Will he be OK. GEETA: Not safely above ground. Although the computer has been having make a life few problems. GEETA: Could he be somewhere inside.

What happened to the other guy. GEETA: Look, you saw him disappear, didn't you. Er, well yes, I think that's what I saw. As Make a life said, it's strictly prohibited to enter. GEETA: Which way Professor. It sounds like it's coming from behind this wall. PROFESSOR: That must be him. He's trapped in there. GEETA: Yes there is. Professor, pass me that pickaxe. GEETA: But Fernando, Paul could be. PROFESSOR: Everybody stand back.

PAUL: Oh, hi guys. GEETA: It's make a life huge mural. FERNANDO: But you can't go now, what about the make a life. Listening This listening activity practises understanding implied meaning.

How difficult was this activity. Too hard Show you have the language skills More make a life 6,000 institutions around the world accept Cambridge English: Advanced as proof of high-level achievement in learning English. FIND OUT ABOUT CAMBRIDGE Make a life ADVANCED Try these activities next Proficient Stressed words and meaning Listen to the speaker stress a particular word and understand how this can illustrate the speaker's attitude.

Match the statement with its meaning. This activity practises following dialogues that contain colloquial language. Listen to the person talk and identify how that person feels or the way they speak. This activity practises understanding people's attitudes based on the words and the intonation they use. Find more activities with our advanced search Search On this site Home Make a life Cambridge English.

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Understanding Health ResearchA tool for making sense of health studies home Review a studyExternal sourcesUseful informationAbout la roche posae us External sourcesOther sources Pre-appraised research Critical appraisal tools Useful informationSampling methods Replicability Confounders Asking the right questions Are some types of evidence better than others.

Populations and samples Correlation and causation Scientific uncertainty How to read a scientific paper How science media stories work Mixed make a life research Common sources of bias Evidence-based medicine, practice and policy About usHow was Understanding Health Research developed. Who was involved in the project.

Privacy Policy UHR workshops What is the Understanding Health Research tool. You will also be given some guidance on how to work out whether the research findings apply to you or not. You need to be make a life about applying research findings to your own circumstances, and in many cases it is best to speak to a health professional before making decisions based on research make a life.



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