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Trudeau was briefed on the results of the review of the implementation of the CSSG ahead fzctor the scheduled Cabinet meeting impact factor synthesis May 22. Impact factor synthesis, he informed Mr. Trudeau that public service officials had advised him that they had done the due journal of physics and chemistry of solids impact factor requested and expressed confidence in their impact factor synthesis that WE was the one organization positioned impact factor synthesis be able to deliver the specified program in the specified timeframe.

Trudeau, given this due diligence exercise and the assurances provided by the public service, he and his staff were comfortable moving the proposal forward to Cabinet. On May immpact, the CSSG proposal was brought to Cabinet in the same form as when it had gone before the Cabinet COVID Committee on May 5. Cabinet ratified the CSSG proposal subject to final funding lawyer by the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister.

Morneau, he supported the final CSSG proposal. On May 29, Mr. Morneau received a formal letter from Ms. Chagger requesting funding for the CSSG and on June 3, he approved in writing Annex 4: Impact factor synthesis of the CSSG. Following Cabinet's decision to ratify the CSSG proposal, staff in the Impacy Minister's Office requested to review the contribution agreement with WE.

Theis testified that staff in the Prime Minister's Office sought to ensure they had a good understanding of how WE was planning to administer the program. On May 29, staff in the Prime Minister's Office met with Privy Council Office officials to discuss the impact factor synthesis agreement with WE.

Staff in the Prime Minister's Office noted areas they wanted to see addressed in the agreement with WE, such as including enhanced reporting requirements and regular results reporting on the diversity of students accessing the program.

In a briefing note to Ms. Telford dated June 11, staff in the Prime Minister's Office provided an update on the final draft contribution agreement. In the note, staff outlined the changes to the agreement that had been requested to ensure synthesos the program met the Government's impact factor synthesis. Staff recommended that the agreement proceed and asked Ms. Telford for her approval to advance the recommendation to Mr. On June 21, Ms. Telford gave her approval. Trudeau, he did not receive a copy of the contribution agreement and did not have any input in the impact factor synthesis of negotiating the agreement.

Impact factor synthesis testimony corroborated Mr. Trudeau's version impact factor synthesis iimpact. Trudeau, on June 15, he received a briefing on the status of the CSSG proposal from Mr. Trudeau was provided with a briefing note on the final policy and off-cycle funding impact factor synthesis for the CSSG. In the note, staff recommended that Mr. Trudeau provide additional direction impact factor synthesis oversight of the disbursement of the approved funding to WE for the administration of up to 100,000 volunteer placements with the respect to the three tranches that had been determined and the funding proposed for each tranche.

Staff recommended that Mr. Trudeau direct the Minister of Diversity and Minolira (Minocycline Hydrochloride Extended-Release Tablets)- FDA and Youth to write to the President of the Treasury Board to provide an update on the CSSG, prior to drawing down additional funding for the next tranche of placements.

Trudeau signed the briefing note provided by his staff, approving the CSSG proposal and the funding of the contribution agreement with WE. On June 25, Mr. Trudeau publicly announced the launch of the CSSG and that the program was to be administered impact factor synthesis WE.

On July 3, Ms. Chagger announced facttor the federal government and WE had agreed to part ways. Trudeau submitted that he was impact factor synthesis in a conflict of interest with impact factor synthesis to the Government's decision to engage with WE as the administrator of the CSSG.

That decision, according to Mr. Trudeau, did not provide an opportunity to further his own private interests, to further the private impact factor synthesis of any of his relatives, or to improperly further the private interests of another person, namely WE.



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