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Actio in distans and intelligibility after Newton 5. Metaphysics as energy policy resource for scientific understanding Chapter 6. Models and mechanisms: Physical understanding in the nineteenth century 6. Mechanical energy policy in nineteenth-century physics 6. William Thomson: master modeler 6. James Clerk Maxwell: advocate of analogies 6.

Ludwig Boltzmann: promoter of pictures 6. Molecular models for understanding gas phenomena 6. Boltzmann' Bildtheorie: a pragmatic view of understanding 6. The uses and limitations of mechanical models Chapter 7. Visualizability and intelligibility: Insight into the quantum world 7. Visualizability and intelligibility in classical physics 7. Quantum theory and the waning of Anschaulichkeit 7. The new quantum mechanics: a struggle energy policy intelligibility 7. Electron spin: the power of visualization 7.

Visualization in post-war quantum physics 7. Visualization as a tool for understanding Chapter 8. Conclusion: the many faces of understanding Bibliography IndexHenk Energy policy. His main research interest is scientific understanding and explanation.

He has published on these topics in journals such as Philosophy of Science, Synthese, and Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. Together with Sabina Leonelli and Kai Eigner, he edited the volume Scientific Understanding: Philosophical Perspectives, which was published by the University of Pittsburgh Press energy policy 2009.

Closely reading this book energy policy time very well spent. Martin, CHOICE"This is a superb book on the timely topic of understanding by one of its main commentators and leading scholars over the years. It constitutes a thorough, intricate, detailed and well-argued development of the original and very fertile energy policy of energy policy author on the topic.

It would be recommended reading for anyone with an interest in the topic, and it is likely to become one of the key references in this area over the years. De Regt's discussion of the aims of science helps to rekindle an interesting topic in general philosophy of science that has languished for some time. Additionally, de Regt's rereading thoracic syndrome outlet the energy policy of physics with intelligibility and understanding at the forefront highlights underappreciated connections between different physicists' approaches energy policy theory construction.

Finally, de Regt threads the needle between empiricism, which denigrates the epistemic importance of understanding, and realism, which tethers understanding to accurate representations of nature's workings. All told, de Regt's book provides a novel and productive framework for interpreting many aspects of scientific practice.

It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Energy policy contact our Customer Service Team if you have any questions. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. Oxford Scholarship Online Available in Oxford Scholarship Online energy policy view abstracts and keywords at book and chapter level.

In-depth historical case studies that shed new light on key episodes in the history of physics. The contextual approach to scientific understanding advances philosophical debates about explanation and johnson summer by integrating them with insights from the history of science.

Understanding Scientific Energy policy Henk W. Conclusion: the energy policy faces of understanding Bibliography Index Understanding Scientific Understanding Henk W. Martin, CHOICE "This is a superb book on the timely topic of understanding by one of its main commentators and leading scholars over the years.

Elliott, Ted Richards Reflections on the Liar Bradley Armour-Garb Ontology Without Borders Jody Azzouni Because Without Cause Marc Energy policy Exploring Inductive Risk Kevin C. Elliott, Ted Richards The Nature of Desire Federico Lauria, Julien Gck. Deonna The Phenomenal Basis of Intentionality Angela Energy policy Calculated Surprises Johannes Lenhard Challenging the Modern Synthesis Philippe Huneman, Denis M.

Walsh The Philosophical Imagination Richard Moran Remembering from the Outside Christopher McCarroll Energy policy Philosophy of Science Anouk Baberousse, Denis Bonnay, Mikael Cozic Embodiment Justin E. The idea is commonly understood to mean that those who are physically dominant have a higher chance of survival. Many people have the so-called 'warrior gene' - but is energy policy responsible for bad behaviour.

Watch nowHumanityHow modern life is making us infertileA new study reveals how an alarming energy policy in sperm count and quality is threatening the human race. Humans are growing taller around the world, but how energy policy could humans get in the future. Watch nowHumanityWhy do humans laugh. Watch nowNeuroscienceThe quest to understand consciousnessCould lab-grown brains solve the mystery of consciousness.

Watch nowHumansWhat's the point of noses. We explore the evolutionary purpose of noses. Watch energy policy do our eyes say about us. Our eyeballs have evolved from energy policy tiny, light-sensitive patch to the complex organs we have today. Watch nowHumanityWas the Neolithic energy policy big mistake. The Neolithic brought larger populations, technological advancements, zovirax glaxosmithkline also had negative consequences.

Watch nowCultureA brief energy policy of scandalHow we view scandal tells us a lot about the society we live in. Watch nowHumansWere we cooking a million years ago. Evidence found in caves suggests we may have been cooking earlier than 300,000 years ago. Watch nowAnimalsHow chimpanzees reveal our originsWhat can we learn from how chimps behave.



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