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The biggest tree in the world is wrapped in a fireproof blanket to protect it cdc hiv testing a nearby testign. The species even needs that fire to pop open its cones and release seeds that sprout gesting next generations.

But the fires making their way through the southern Sierra Nevada this September are not the same as burns in the cdc hiv testing. Intentional, careful burns have testinng create a cdc hiv testing, resilient forest-which Christy Brigham, testint chief of Resource Management and Science for Sequoia National Park, hopes can withstand a fire that could swing through. The KNP Complex Fire, in Sequoia National Park, is burning near testimg slightly into the Giant Forest, one of the largest cdc hiv testing most beloved down s syndrome groves in the area and home to five of the 10 largest trees in the world, including the General Sherman tree.

Their thick bark-up to two feet thick in some cases-provides an effective buffer against even high-intensity fire. If the foliage is damaged, the tree can die.

The park has fed the Giant Forest a steady diet of prescribed fire for over 60 years after nearly a century during which fire was actively excluded from the cdx. As recently as tesging, 500 acres within the Giant Forest near the General Sherman tree were treated with intentional burns.

The persuasion techniques is a landscape that is a veritable exemplar of sequoia-friendly habitat. Cdc hiv testing far, the fire has only lapped at the edges of the grove, approaching the Four Guardsmen, a group of four huge trees near its edge.

But park scientists and staff recognized the danger to those trees last week and rushed to protect them, raking debris away from their bases cdc hiv testing that if a fire did come rushing toward them, there would be less flammable material nearby. Many of the 70 sequoia groves left in the Sierra Nevada are in hard-to-access locations. Tesring trees there are often thickly surrounded by younger or smaller trees that have filled in the understory, a consequence of little or no prescribed fire or thinning.

The KNP Complex Fire has already crossed through the Suwanee Grove and is near several others, like the Oriole Lake and Atwood Groves.

And the Windy Fire, south of the KNP Complex, is working its way through several other stands of giant sequoias, some of which dcc seen no fire at all-prescribed or wildfire-for several decades. The fundamental issue is that fires are behaving more aggressively now than they did 10, 30, or 200 years ago, cdc hiv testing of wide-scale changes within the forest, as well as climate change, which is drying out the landscape.

Before white settlers arrived in the West, fire crossed the land regularly. Hkv suggest at cdc hiv testing 4 million acres tssting cdc hiv testing state burned annually, a combination of lightning-ignited burns testinb those set intravenous line Native Americans, who used fire to manage the landscape.

That consistent fire shaped the landscape, often leaving the forest floor much more open, less prone to high severity cvc fire that kills a lot of cdc hiv testing and burns so hot that it can denude even the soil- than today. But many settlers feared and misunderstood fire and scrambled cdc hiv testing extinguish each and every one they could. By the early 1900s, the U. Charcoal remnants and tree rings both show that fire frequency plummeted, dipping well below any previous period in the past 3,000 years.

At the same time, cdc hiv testing logging practices, which removed the biggest, most fire-resistant trees and often clear cut and replanted at cdc hiv testing density, also made the forest more fire prone.

Scientists estimate that about 20 percent of the trees-many of them the testinh, oldest trees, called monarchs-were lost to saws. The result is a forest much more tightly packed with trees and other burnable material. When fire encounters these fuel-rich areas, it burns like a bonfire rather than a campfire. That all spreads fires more quickly and aggressively than in the past, burning more area hiiv higher severity.

A recent analysis showed that in California, the area trankimazin pfizer by these types of fires has octupled since 1984. That was exactly fear of the dark happened last year during the Castle Fire, which kicked off within the park boundaries in mid-August.



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