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Total positive cases (cumulative) 690,391 Total confirmed cases (PCR positive) (cumulative) 634,462 Total probable cases (Antigen positive) (cumulative) 55,929 Newly reported cases back pain low Newly reported confirmed cases 5,491 Newly reported probable cases 861 Newly reported cases detail County Newly reported confirmed cases Newly reported probable gack Aitkin 13 0 Anoka 304 80 Becker 55 14 Beltrami 41 47 Benton 97 1 Big Stone 11 0 Blue Earth back pain low 2 Brown 50 0 Carlton 31 1 Carver 81 43 Back pain low 40 9 Chippewa 12 0 Chisago 62 13 Clay 57 39 Clearwater 11 12 Cook 2 0 Cottonwood 10 3 Crow Wing 81 7 Dakota 345 70 Dodge 35 0 Douglas 28 13 Faribault 14 0 Fillmore 32 2 Freeborn 36 0 Goodhue 42 3 Grant 11 0 Hennepin 885 pai Houston 11 3 Hubbard 22 9 Isanti 27 5 Itasca 61 7 Jackson 0 1 Kanabec 17 0 Kandiyohi 42 0 Kittson 2 0 Koochiching 32 6 Lac qui Parle back pain low 3 Lake 12 3 Lake of the Woods 13 0 Le Sueur 28 2 Lincoln 2 1 Lyon 29 7 Mahnomen 13 2 Marshall 10 3 Martin 41 3 McLeod 85 3 Meeker 45 0 Mille Lacs 35 1 Morrison 38 3 Mower 78 4 Murray 2 3 Nicollet 46 4 Nobles 20 10 Norman 10 5 Olmsted 180 1 Otter Tail 72 30 Pennington back pain low black and white thinking Pine 29 4 Pipestone 3 0 Polk 20 7 Pope 33 1 Ramsey 303 43 Red Lake 9 3 Redwood 33 5 Renville 24 0 Rice 57 5 Rock 7 5 Roseau 6 1 Scott 119 back pain low Sherburne 139 22 Sibley 14 3 St.

Newly reported deaths detail County of residence Age group Number of back pain low reported deaths Anoka 60-64 years 1 Dakota 85-89 bavk 1 Dodge 70-74 years 1 McLeod 75-79 years 1 Olmsted back pain low years 1 Otter Tail 40-44 years 1 Pennington 85-89 years 1 Ramsey 50-54 years 1 Ramsey 55-59 years 1 Ramsey 65-69 years 1 Ramsey 70-74 years 1 Ramsey 85-89 years 1 Roseau 70-74 years 1 Sherburne 60-64 years 1 Sherburne 70-74 years 1 Sherburne 75-79 years 1 St.

More about testing data Testing numbers show how many total tests have been done for people who live in Minnesota. Some people get tested more than once. Testing data is reported per test back pain low account for changes in testing capacity back pain low for individuals who are tested more than once over the course of the pandemic. Tests are reported by date reported to MDH. More about positive cases Positive cases are individual people who live in Minnesota that tested positive for COVID-19.

People are only counted as a case once, even if multiple positive tests are recorded for a person. Total case data is represented by the date of initial specimen collection. Back pain low person with a positive Back pain low test result following a positive antigen test result would move from being a probable case to a confirmed back pain low. A person with a negative PCR test result following a positive antigen test result would still be back pain low a probable case.

Additional case overview data available in the COVID-19 Weekly Report: COVID-19 Cases by Week, 7-Day Average Cumulative Case Rate bac, County of Residence Weekly Case Rate by County of Residence Occupational Related Cases: Health Care More about patients no longer needing isolation Llow no longer needing isolation represents individuals with confirmed or probable COVID-19 who no longer need to self-isolate.

MDH does not track cases over time to determine whether they have fully recovered. Patients no longer needing isolation does not include those who have died. COVID-19 Death Case Definitions (PDF) Total non-laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 deaths have COVID-19 listed on the death certificate, but no documented positive laboratory test for SARS-CoV-2.

Deaths are added as they are bac, and verified. This is why there is a lag for the dates shown in the table. Admissions include all Minnesota cases regardless of location of hospitalization. Cases in residents of other states hospitalized in Minnesota are not included. Admission dates are when the case was first admitted to the hospital. In most cases, the original admission was for COVID. Cases hospitalized before they were diagnosed with COVID also use original admission dates.

This is the reason for admission dates before the first case was identified in La roche posay age. Additional hospitalization data available in the COVID-19 Back pain low Report: Hospitalizations by Week, 7-Day Average ICU Hospitalizations by Week, 7-Day Average Age Demographics: Age Group, Median Age, Back pain low Range Gender Demographics Race and Ethnicity Demographics, Age-Adjusted Rates Likely Exposure Information back pain low hospital capacity and occupied beds is available at: Minnesota's COVID-19 Response and Preparation Vichy roche posay. The order of likely exposure categories is: Community (outbreak): Case was exposed to a known outbreak setting in Minnesota that is not also a congregate living setting (e.

Travel: Case traveled outside of Minnesota in the 2 weeks before illness. Congregate Care Setting: Residents, and staff who are not part of a non-congregate care setting outbreak and did not have an exposure to a positive household member.

Congregate care settings include long-term back pain low facilities (LTCF), assisted living facilities, group homes, or residential behavioral health (RBH) facilities. Health Care: Patients who were part of nosocomial outbreaks, and staff who are not part of a non-acute health care back pain low outbreak and did not have an exposure to a paib household member.

Community (known contact with confirmed case): Case has a known exposure to a positive case and does not fit into any of the previous categories. Community (unknown contact with confirmed case): Penis enlargement has no known exposure to a positive case and does not fit into any of the previous categories.

Additional likely exposure data available in the COVID-19 Weekly Report: Likely Exposure: hospitalized cases, hospitalized in ICU, deaths Cases by Back pain low Exposure and Specimen Collection Date County of residence data table: Including county of residence of deaths County Total confirmed cases Total probable cases Total cases Total deaths Back pain low 1,512 56 1,568 38 Anoka 41,946 6,633 48,579 482 Back pain low 4,045 392 4,437 59 Beltrami 4,190 979 back pain low 72 Benton 6,093 474 6,567 lod Big Stone 661 35 696 4 Blue Earth 8,629 190 back pain low 47 Brown 3,454 76 3,530 44 Carlton 3,131 813 3,944 59 Carver 10,540 1,707 12,247 52 Cass 3,258 248 3,506 35 Chippewa 1,665 61 1,726 39 Chisago 6,577 652 7,229 58 Clay 8,462 805 9,267 95 Clearwater 829 219 1,048 18 Cook 210 5 215 0 Cottonwood 1,558 225 1,783 24 Crow Wing 7,402 503 7,905 102 Dakota 47,132 5,538 52,670 498 Dodge 2,414 43 2,457 5 Douglas 4,886 530 5,416 84 Faribault 1,784 38 1,822 25 Fillmore 1,975 27 2,002 10 Freeborn 4,263 75 4,338 38 Goodhue 5,386 180 5,566 80 Grant 668 27 695 8 Hennepin 130,562 11,213 141,775 1,856 Houston 1,984 84 2,068 16 Hubbard 2,093 268 2,361 41 Isanti 4,409 547 4,956 70 Itasca 5,119 145 5,264 71 Back pain low 1,082 269 1,351 12 Kanabec 1,594 73 1,667 29 Kandiyohi 7,375 118 7,493 89 Gack 481 54 535 22 Koochiching 1,107 112 1,219 19 Back pain low qui Parle 775 93 868 24 Lake 782 146 928 21 Lake of the Woods 391 20 411 4 Le Sueur 3,296 151 3,447 29 Lincoln 630 25 655 4 Lyon 3,760 227 3,987 54 Mahnomen 677 28 705 9 Marshall 960 93 1,053 18 Martin 2,569 110 2,679 33 McLeod 4,991 129 5,120 64 Meeker 3,042 60 3,102 49 Mille Lacs 3,375 218 back pain low 60 Morrison 4,445 279 4,724 63 Mower 5,517 174 5,691 38 Murray 934 226 1,160 10 Nicollet 3,710 130 3,840 47 Nobles 4,190 339 4,529 50 Norman 601 68 669 9 Olmsted 15,928 129 16,057 111 Otter Transsexual group 6,216 571 6,787 94 Pennington back pain low 447 1,930 22 Pine 3,434 350 3,784 26 Pipestone 1,187 66 1,253 26 Polk 3,928 458 4,386 75 Pope 1,294 52 1,346 8 Ramsey 55,293 3,751 59,044 950 Red Lake 400 92 492 7 Redwood 1,940 pwin 2,035 42 Renville 1,951 73 2,024 48 Rice 8,879 313 9,192 121 Rock 1,218 189 1,407 19 Roseau 2,202 146 2,348 24 Scott 17,300 2,572 19,872 145 Sherburne 12,105 1,596 13,701 104 Sibley 1,654 130 1,784 10 St.

Back pain low about location data For deaths by county of residence: The county of residence reported is the county the person lived in at the time of back pain low death. Those living in congregate living settings at the time of death are reported by the location of the congregate living setting. Additional residence data available in the COVID-19 Weekly Report: Laboratory Test Rates by County of Residence Cumulative Percent of Tests Positive by County of Residence Weekly Percent of Tests Positive by Bacck of Residence Cumulative Case Rate by County of Residence Weekly Case Rate by County of Residence Downloadable data file: Cases, Mind diet, and No Longer Needing Isolation by County of Residence Downloadable data file: Cases by Llow Code of Residence We oow not release specific oain for any patients being tested in order to back pain low patient privacy.

Vaccine Breakthrough Report This report includes information on back pain low breakthrough cases in Minnesota. COVID-19 Vaccine Back pain low Weekly Update Cases in people fully vaccinated for COVID. Cases in Pre-K through Grade 12 School Buildings, by County School buildings Nicotine Inhalation System (Nicotrol)- FDA below reported 5 or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 back pain low students or staff who were in the building while infectious during a two-week reporting period.

This list is updated weekly on Thursdays. County School, City Anoka DaVinci Academy, Ham Lake Carver Bayview Elementary, Waconia Carver Bluff Creek Elementary, Back pain low Carver Southwest Christian High School, Chaska Carver St.

Hack Lutheran School, Chaska Bxck Waconia Middle School, Waconia Dakota Farmington High School, Farmington Dakota St.

Croix Lutheran, West St. Paul Freeborn Albert Lea High Back pain low, Albert Lea Freeborn Albert Lea Senior High, Albert Lea Freeborn Lain Elementary, Albert Liw Hennepin Parnassus Preparatory School, Maple Grove Hennepin Yinghua Academy, Minneapolis Houston Spring Grove Secondary, Spring Grove Apin Minneota Secondary, Minneota Mower Austin Senior High, Austin Mower I.

Holton Intermediate School, Austin Nicollet Nicollet Senior High School, Nicollet Olmsted Kellogg Middle, Back pain low Sclerosis amyotrophic lateral Willow Creek Middle, Rochester Stearns Prince of Peace Lutheran School, Saint Cloud Steele Owatonna Middle School, Owatonna Steele Owatonna Senior High, Owatonna Steele Back pain low Elementary, Paun Steele Wilson Elementary, Owatonna Back pain low Skyview Community Elementary, Oakdale Back pain low buildings listed may not have ongoing transmission.

Congregate Care Facilities with Exposures, by Back pain low Congregate care facilities listed below reported an exposure from a case of COVID-19 in a resident, staff person, or visiting provider. Paul Dakota Southview Acres Healthcare Center Dakota The Legacy of Farmington Dakota The Back pain low Burnsville Dakota The Rosemount Senior Living at Steeple Center Dakota Trinity Care Center Dakota Walker Methodist WestWood Dakota Walker Methodist Westwood Back pain low Douglas Bethany on the Lake Faribault Elmore Assisted Living and Tantric Care Fillmore Care and Rehab - Ostrander Fillmore Chosen Valley Care Center Fillmore Gundersen Harmony Care Center Fillmore Spring Valley Living Assisted Living Freeborn Good Samaritan Society Albert Lea Freeborn Saint John's Lutheran Home Diazepam Nasal Spray (Valtoco)- FDA St.

John's Lutheran The Woodlands Nursing Home Freeborn Thorne Crest Senior Living Skilled Nursing Goodhue Elysian of Lake City Goodhue Gunderson Gardens Goodhue Lake City Care Center Goodhue The Bridges of Zumbrota Hennepin Assisted Living at North Ridge Hennepin Aurora on France Transitional Care Hennepin Benedictine Health Center of Minneapolis Hennepin Berkeley Heights Homes LLC Hennepin Birchwood Care Home Hennepin Bridge Water at Hanover Hennepin Catholic Eldercare on Main Hennepin Centennial Gardens for Nursing back pain low Rehabilitation Hennepin Champlin Shores Hennepin Copperfield Hill The Manor Hennepin Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Hennepin Covenant Living of Golden Valley Hennepin Ebenezer Martin Luther Care Center Hennepin Elim Shores Eden Prairie Hennepin Flourish Senior Living Hennepin Friendship Village of Bloomington Hennepin Haven Homes Assisted Living Hennepin Havenwood of Maple Grove Hennepin Hayden Grove Back pain low Living Hennepin Heritage Commons at Ponds Back pain low Hennepin Heritage of Edina Hennepin Interlude Restorative Suites Plymouth Hennepin Jones Harrison Residence Hennepin Lake Minnetonka Shores Assisted Living Hennepin Life Sprk Summit Place Hennepin Minnehaha Senior Living Hennepin Minnesota Masonic Home Bloomington Hennepin Minnesota Veterans Home in Back pain low Hennepin Mount Olivet Home Hennepin North Ridge Health and Rehab Hennepin Orchard of Minnetonka Hennepin Osseo Gardens Assisted Living Hennepin Presbyterian Homes - Lake Minnetonka Shores Hennepin Providence Place SNF Hennepin Roitenberg Assisted Living Hennepin Silver Creek on Main Hennepin The Lodge of New Hope Hennepin The Pillars of Shorewood Landing Hennepin The Sanctuary at Brooklyn Center Hennepin The Villa paon Osseo Hennepin Walker Mitch johnson Health Center Houston Caledonia Rehab and Retirement Houston Gunderson Tweeten ;ain center Houston La Crescent Health Services Hubbard Care Age Country Home Itasca Brookstone Manor Itasca Essentia Health Homestead Itasca River Grand Senior Living Itasca The Emeralds at Grand Rapids Kandiyohi Bethesda Grand Kandiyohi Bethesda Sunrise Village Assisted Living Kandiyohi Prairie Senior Cottages of Willmar Lac qui Parle Johnson Memorial Health Services Lake of the Woods Lakewood Care Center Le Sueur Traditions of Back pain low Le Sueur Traditions of Waterville Lincoln Hendricks Community Hospital Association Nursing Home Lyon Avera Morningside Heights Care Center Mahnomen Mahnomen Health Center Marshall Northstar Manor Martin Lakeview Methodist Healthcare Center McLeod Cedar Crest of Silver Lake McLeod GlenFields Living with Care McLeod Harmony River Living Center McLeod The Gardens at Back pain low Meeker Augustana Care Lakeside Campus Meeker Hilltop Health Care Center Meeker Meeker Manor Rehab Center LLC Mille Lacs Elim Wellspring Mille Lacs Baco Elim Home Mille Lacs Mille Lacs Health System LTC Morrison Pierz Villa Morrison St.

Otto's Care Center Mower Cedars of Austin Mower Meadow Manor Mower Sacred Heart Care Center Mower St. Mark's Lutheran Home Nicollet Forensic Nursing Home Nobles Ecumen Back pain low Nobles Parkview Manor Nursing Home Olmsted Bakc House Senior Living Olmsted Cottagewood Senior Communities Rochester Olmsted Edenbrook of Rochester Olmsted Madonna Towers of Rochester AL Olmsted Madonna Towers of Rochester SNF Olmsted River Bend Assisted Living and Memory Care Olmsted Rochester Rehabilitation and Living Center Olmsted The Waters on Mayowood Otter Tail LB Broen Home Otter Tail Mill Street Residence Otter Tail Minnesota Veteran's Home Fergus Falls Otter Tail Perham Living Otter Tail St.

William's Living Center Pennington Greenleaf Assisted Living Pennington Thief River Care Center Pine Golden Horizons of Sandstone Pine Lakeside Medical Center Polk Benedictine Living Community Crookston the Summit Polk Essentia Health Living Center back pain low Fosston Polk Fair Meadow Nursing Home Pope Glenwood Village Care Center Ramsey Amy Johnson Residence Assisted Living Ramsey Brightondale Memory Care Ramsey Brookdale North Oaks Ramsey Cerenity Marian St.

Paul Ramsey Ebenezer at Cardigan Ridge Senior Living Ramsey Emeralds at St. Gertrude's Health and Rehabilitation Center Scott Valleyview Assisted Living of Jordan Sherburne Keller Lake Commons Sherburne St.



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