If you are the fashionista type then you are very conscious of how you look in your clothes, the shoes that you wear, the bags that you use, even the eyewear reading glasses that you have to use in the office. There are really people who like to color coordinate their clothes and accessories and this would include wearing fashionable eyewear like sunglasses and reading glasses. No one who likes fashion will hesitate to give out that extra money to pay for a great pair of reading glasses and there are quite a few out there. There are Italian brands, and American brands as well, but they are all very great and fashionable designs, they are highly functional, they make the wearer look more glamorous and best of all, they last for years and years without obvious wear and tear, unless of course you sit on them and they break.

Once you know that you have presbyopia then you have the choice to either have bifocals or just half reading glasses. If you need distance corrective lenses on top of your presbyopia then you would need bifocals. But bifocals scare a lot of people. They immediately get the image of really old people and it doesn’t seem fair that you, at your prime, need the bifocals. Well, fashion or not, you refuse to look old, right? You are so wrong about that if you agreed to that question. There are so many fashionable frames available now that do not make anyone look old, they make them look sophisticated and glamorous in most cases.

There have been progressive lenses for decades now and they make bifocals not only attractive but they look like ordinary glasses. What the lenses do is to integrate or incorporate the two sections of the lenses into one. In effect, the upper and lower lenses which are usually quite distinct from each other because of the very obvious delineation of lenses will no longer be evident. The lenses progress from distance to reading glasses with no lines or curves.The progressive lenses are the most popular kind of eyewear reading glasses now being sold because of the obvious aesthetics and because there is less incidence of nausea and dizziness associated when first using bifocals. Go to your optician and have an eye exam and get your measurement. Choose the fashionable frames from what are offered in that optician’s clinic or simply log online and order the prescription lenses fit on more fashionable or branded eye wear.